Meet the Oakland Voices 2017-2018 Correspondents

Ryan Barba is an Oakland native who is following his passion of writing. It has lead to his desire to further his knowledge and insight in this profession by learning and sharing with others. Ryan attended primary and secondary schools in Oakland and has ties to various community outreach programs throughout the East Bay. Having spent his life in Oakland, he looks forward to using this opportunity as a platform to tell stories that are occurring in his wonderful community.

Brittaney Creswell is currently a Gallery Assistant at SFMOMA. She’s been working in museums in the Bay Area for the past five years and finds her passions in art. She also cares very deeply for her community, East Oakland, and has been actively involved in the city since she was a child. Brittaney has been responsible for helping to create urban farms across Oakland and frequently volunteers at local nonprofit organizations. Aside from life as a museum professional, she’s an art blogger who regularly visits galleries and critiques art in her spare time.

Patricia Contreras

Mestiza Purepecha. Michoacan Mexico born. Bay Area raised.
Yerbera. Healer in training. Storyteller. Writer.
Grand daughter of Antonia, Maria, Salvador and Juan.
Daughter of Gloria and Antonio.
Loyal to the soil. We belong to the land.

Eduardo Jimenez knew at an early age that growing up in Oakland was going to be a special experience. He would pass the Oakland Hells Angels headquarters as well as “Free Huey” spray painted signs on the way to his elementary school where his mom fought to establish bilingual education in the early ’80s.

He learned at an early age to appreciate his hometown for truly being an international city with classmates and neighbors from across the world. He knows the immigrants and long time residents that make up Oakland’s population have a personal story worth telling that will show us that we’re all on the same journey, if you dig deep enough.
He is a husband and a father of two young boys and a graduate of the Fremont High School Media. Go Tigers.
Hannah Moore is a Bay Area native ,born in Oakland California, and as a result the ‘Bay’ has very much influenced her politics, consciousness and work. She considers herself a healer, although in the early stages of learning her craft. She recently moved back to the Bay Area from Bahia, Brazil where she has lived for the past four years. Hannah completed her Master’s in Brazil focusing on police violence, art activism and Black masculinity. Hannah currently works as a college and career coordinator at Alternatives in Action High School in East Oakland on 62nd Avenue.

Chrystal Irene Nguyen was raised in Oakland and graduated Skyline High in 2012. She is currently taking a break from school at San Francisco State University to focus on her business as a full-time freelance photographer. Apart from shooting engagements, weddings, and business events, she frequently takes time off throughout the year to travel nationally and internationally. Chrystal documents her travels through filmmaking, photography, and passionately supplements her art by writing and sharing stories about her travels.

Adam Mann is a librarian who currently works at a public health nonprofit. Originally from the Midwest, he has lived in and around the Eastlake neighborhood for the past three years. His journalistic interests include food deserts in Oakland, renters’ rights, and homelessness. He would also like to write about the construction of the new A’s stadium. He has a cat named Wilbur.

Lauren Richardson, a Chicagoland native, arrived in Oakland in 2009 with a two- year-old in tow. She specializes in media production, such as photography, videography, and graphic design. Lauren has worked with local celebrities and grassroots organizations on multiple projects. She is currently a journalism student at Laney College and lives in East Oakland.

Tonya Shipp is a mother of two, business professional and avid supporter of education and development. She has certificates in customer service, medical reception, security, food handling, personal care aide and first aid/CPR. She also has an associate’s degree in the social sciences from Laney College and is one class shy of receiving a bachelor’s degree in business management. She’s affiliated with the NAACP and a member of Sparkpoint Centers. She’s a Brand Ambassador for LYFT and volunteers regularly at events and offices. She’s served eight years in the Army Reserves before being honorably discharged. Her hobbies include photography, traveling and social media. Having experienced extensive periods of homelessness, unemployment and being without dental coverage, she is a strong advocate for the poor. She recently began as Program Aide at BOSS.

My name is Kevonna Taylor, and I’m journalism major! News and celebrities’ updates are what I enjoy analyzing the most. I took two years of journalism in high school, and I am a graduate of class 2017. Now I am in college, majoring in journalism. My dream is to work hard, change lives and make a difference, ot only for myself, but for my family, and my community.
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