The Trust Project launches

On Thursday, Nov. 16th, The Trust Project, a consortium of news outlets, launched the “Trust Indicators,” which will strengthen transparency and help readers to identify trustworthy, quality journalism. Dozens of news sites, and leading tech companies (Google, Facebook, Bing), will be using the new Indicators, spearheaded by journalist Sally Lehrman at Santa Clara University’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

The Trust Indicators provide a new standardized technical vocabulary that Google, Facebook and Bing plan to use in their efforts to show quality journalism to their own users. The Trust Indicators are the result of years of collaboration by The Trust Project. (See collaborator working groups.)

The Maynard Institute is part of the Trust Project’s News Leadership Council. Evelyn Hsu, MIJE co-executive director, represents the institute.

Read the full press release here

FAQ about the Trust Project

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