API Publishes “Focused Listening” Collection

On January 30th, the American Press Institute published a special essay collection on reaching new audiences by listening. With the help of Ashley Kang, director of Syracuse University’s South Side Community Newspaper Project The Stand, we spent time late last year finding examples of newsrooms who were able to reach out to communities that may be disengaged with or alienated by newsrooms. That work led us to four great examples of different ways to prioritize listening to the audiences you don’t have:

• Inviting communities to your building and listening in-person
• Going out and being physically present to the communities you want to better cover
• Providing a service to a particular population, and listening in the process
• Taking these “focused listening” concepts digital , such as through text-messaging

We had journalists from each news organization reflect on what they did + how it helped build trust. The authors are: David Plazas at The Tennessean in TN; Chris Faraone at the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism in MA; Brittany Schock at small-town Richland Source in OH; and Connor Sheets at Alabama Media Group in AL. Each has offered to take emails and talk more about what they did.

You can find the essays at the following link:

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