Join the Beat 2.0

The Membership Puzzle Project launched Join the Beat in 2018 as an experimental project designed to help beat reporters identify, share, and put into practice new ways to collaborate directly with their audiences and sources. The participating reporters explored how embracing their audiences’ knowledge, insights, and skills could enrich coverage and deepen the relationship between community members and newsrooms and how to build workflows to make this kind of collaboration part of their routine, rather than limited to special projects.

Now, we’re launching a second Join the Beat community of practice, and you’re invited to apply. (For us, a “community of practice” is a small group of journalists all trying to bring the same change to their work, and learning from each other.)

It will be led by Ashley Alvarado, the director of community engagement at Southern California Public Radio (KPCC). KPCC has done some of the most groundbreaking engagement work in the journalism space in recent years, and Ashley has been at the center of much of it. We’re excited to have her on board to lead Join the Beat, and we’ve very grateful to her predecessor, Melanie Sill, who led the first cohort expertly and laid the groundwork for a second community of practice.

To read more and apply visit this google doc:

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